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Select Pipette Tip

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1.Just as the buddy in the laboratory are used to call the pipette "gun", the pipette tip is often called"gun head",sometimes also called "nozzle", "suction nozzle", etc.

2.In most cases, the universal pipette and the universal pipette tip can be matched by default, but we still need to pay attention to selecting the correct pipette tip in the experiment, so that the experiment can be carried out more smoothly:

Extended pipette tip: when the liquid level to be sucked is far from the container mouth, if the lower end of the pipette is deep into the container mouth, it may cause contact between the pipette and the container mouth, causing pollution. At this time, it is recommended to use an extended pipette tip;

The diameter of the lower end of the pipette tip:when it is necessary to suck a small amount of sample or put it into a very narrow mouth, or to suck a small amount of supernatant, it is necessary to select a thin and sharp pipette tip at the lower end; When the liquid to be sucked or discharged contains particles that are easy to break or has high viscosity, it is better to use a wide and blunt pipette tip at the lower end;

The quality of the pipette tip: high production process requirements can make the inner wall of the pipette tip smoother and reduce the phenomenon of liquid hanging on the wall. When faced with reagents or samples that are easy to hang on the wall, especially organic solvents, if high-quality pipette tip with low adsorption rate is selected, the error generated during liquid transfer can be reduced;

Filter element pipette tip: when the liquid we need to handle is contaminated and volatile, or our experiment needs to ensure a certain degree of isolation between reagents, such as the transfer of pathogenic samples,we need to use the pipette tip with filter element;

3.In addition, because there is an immovable filter element in the pipette tip of the filter element, we also need to pay attention to whether the nozzle cone at the lower end of the pipette will touch the filter element of the pipette tip, which is related to whether the air tightness is good; Moreover, if the marked range of the filter element pipette tip is relatively small, even if the pipette and pipette tip can be installed, it is necessary to pay attention not to absorb excessive liquid, otherwise it may cause pollution or inaccurate liquid volume.


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