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Have Adonis 100-1000μl in hand, have security!
06 April 2022

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the epidemic has rapidly entered a global pandemic and is still ravaging the world today, thus entering a normalized phase of epidemic prevention and control.Combined with the analysis of sales data over the last year, high-throughput nucleic acid testing is one of th

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Core features of the nucleic acid extractor and extraction process by aspiration
06 April 2022

The core features of the nucleic acid extractor.  1. High efficiency: full magnetic rod and amplitude adjustment technology optimization, can easily cope with all kinds of tiny magnetic beads, easily achieve the extraction of nucleic acid without hanging wall for residue.  2. Accurate temperature co

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BIO-DL Pipette tips, you deserve it
06 April 2022

Class 100,000 dust-free workshop, products are subjected to strict testing procedures to ensure no DNase, no RNase, no heat source, in line with PCR class experimental cleanliness requirements, can be directly used in molecular biology experiments and other pipetting needs scenarios.Strict control o

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How to improve pipetting accuracy by 20% with scientific data
06 April 2022

How on earth can we get better pipetting results and how do we reduce the errors that occur during the experiment? Here's the data to show you how to improve pipetting accuracy by 20%01Choose the right range to improve pipetting accuracy by 1%For a particular pipette, the accuracy of the pipetting d

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Multichannel pipettes to aid nucleic acid testing
06 April 2022

Multichannel pipettes occupy an important position.Today, the COVID-19 epidemic remains severe, and the high demand for nucleic acid testing around the world has led to a shortage of nucleic acid testing staff in many laboratories.With the heavy workload of nucleic acid testing today, improving effi

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