How to improve pipetting accuracy by 20% with scientific data
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How to improve pipetting accuracy by 20% with scientific data

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How on earth can we get better pipetting results and how do we reduce the errors that occur during the experiment? Here's the data to show you how to improve pipetting accuracy by 20%


Choose the right range to improve pipetting accuracy by 1%

For a particular pipette, the accuracy of the pipetting decreases as the amount decreases. Therefore, it can be operated within the 10-100% range, with an optimal range of 35-100%. Do not use a large number of pipettes to remove small volumes of liquid; otherwise the accuracy of the pipetting will be reduced by 1%.


Correct range setting to improve 0.5% pipetting accuracy

When a large number of processes are tuned to a small range (for example, from 200ul to 100ul), direct adjustment is available. When a small amount is adjusted to a large number of processes, it takes more than 1/3 to 1/2 laps of the required quantum before calling back to the desired range.

This is done to eliminate the mechanical error of the pipette itself and to improve the pipetting accuracy by 0.5%.


Moisturizing the suction Head, can improve the accuracy of 0.5% pipetting before the formal pipetting, first suck the liquid to be transferred with the suction head, and then drain it as a waste liquid.

The purpose of moisturizing the suction head is to reduce the effect of the adsorption force on the inner wall of the suction head, which can improve the accuracy of the pipetting by 0.5%.


Correct suction speed for up to 5% pipetting accuracy Suction speed.

During the suction process, the lower pressure of the thumb must be lowered slowly so that the liquid rises evenly and slowly in the suction head, and for a large number of processes and high viscosity pipetting, after loosening the thumb during the suction, the suction head must stay in the liquid for 3-5 seconds before it can be removed.

Incorrect suction speed can lead to a decrease in accuracy of at least 5%.


Correct suction angle to improve accuracy by 0.5%

(Trace pipetting up to 2.5%)

In the process of pipetting, the pipette must always be maintained in a vertical state. The maximum inclination is not to be more than 20° (the general inclination will lead to the actual amount of liquid absorption being too large).


Correct suction depth for up to 1% accuracy (Trace pipetting up to 5%)

In the suction process, if the suction head immersed too much, the additional pressure will make the excess liquid be inhaled by the pipette, and excessive immersion will lead to an increase in residual liquid on the outer wall, resulting in high pipetting value. If however, the suction head immersion height is insufficient, the air will be inhaled with the liquid suction head, resulting in bubbles and low value;


Good separation skills for up to 1% accuracy

When we split the liquid, we can first contact the inner wall of the container so that it slides up along the inner wall of the container to prevent the liquid from sticking to the head of the gun. In addition, three methods of liquid surface separation, liquid surface separation and liquid surface sub-solution are also suitable for non-viscous solution.

Liquid Surface sub-solution is mainly used for a small amount of pipette fluid. Pay attention to the suction head from the liquid for knowing when to release the thumb.


Pipetting at constant temperature to improve accuracy by 5%

After a long period of pipetting, the temperature on your hands will heat the pipette and the pipette will swell and shrink. As soon as the air inside it expands and the amount of suction increases, the results will be inaccurate. The ideal pipetting temperature is 21.5℃ (±1℃). The temperature of your instruments and samples should be the same as the room temperature at your workplace, and it is recommended that they be balanced for 20 minutes first, if possible.

At constant temperatures, the pipette can also improve the results by up to 5%.

The percentages above add up to 20.5%. Not paying attention to the small details may not feel very crucial, but the actual impact is very decisive. Can you still stay calm after hearing this?


Even the hand temperature that we don't pay much attention to, has an effect on the accuracy of the pipetting, compared with the other factors, the effect of hand temperature on the pipetting is more difficult to avoid. It is impossible to stop at the middle of pipetting and cool the pipette!

So BIO-DL to recommends Color series pipette! This pipette can solve the hand temperature problem. The handle shell is composed of nylon 6 (PA6) and glass fiber (GF), which are heat resistant.

In addition, this pipette has the following advantages:

◆ Different color collocation marks different ranges, convenient for you to identify the range quickly and they add a bright scenery to your laboratory!

◆ The piston assembly of PEI material has a good chemical corrosion resistance and low shrinkage, which guarantees high accuracy during the pipetting process. With a dual-piston design for a small range of pipetting, its retractable piston increases the ability of the liquid to blow out and effectively prevents the capillary phenomenon when blowing out.

◆ Ensures efficient and stable micro-pipetting;

◆ Pipe Nozzle connector compatible with suction heads of various brands, can be sterilized at high temperatures and pressure;

◆ The lower end is slender to prevent cross-contamination;

◆ The only full-color high-precision pipette on the market;

◆ 2-Year Warranty

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