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Exhibition review

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01丨Exhibition information

Exhibition time:2022.06.11

Exhibition location:Guangzhou Yihe Hotel International Conference Center

02丨Exhibition background

In response to the call of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Progress of Science and Technology" mentioned in the Chairman's Decree No. 103, we marched towards the modernization of science and technology.The Scientific Instrument Industry Development and Innovation Conference, held under this background, is dedicated to promoting industry clusters,discussing prescriptions for reducing stuck neck projects, and promoting technological and social progress.


03丨Exhibition details

The annual meeting of the Guangzhou Instrument Industry Association and the Conference on Promoting the Development and Innovation of the Science Industry was warmly and grandly launched under the expectations of many people. As one of the industry members, BIO-DL actively responded to the call of the conference and brought a number of popular main products to the exhibition: including our Genex pipette, Colour pipette, pipette tips, K3 Plus Microplate Reader and BIO-DL 32 Nuclic Acid Extractor, and has become the focus of many exhibitors.



The most popular pipette in the exhibition was our BIO-DL Mini pipettes. With its lovely appearance, they attracted the attention of many exhibitors and Hundreds of Mini pipettes were sold out quickly.

The BIO-DL Mini pipette has a total length of 130mm and a weight of about 10g. It has a customized measuring range and is easy to operate and carry. It is most suitable for matching water quality detection kits, food detection kits and various home detection kits.


04丨Highlight time

In this exhibition, BIO-DL brought many popular products of company. Our staff enthusiastically introduced products and patiently answered the questions to the visiting exhibitors. Their professional and enthusiastic service attitude attracted many participants to stop and watch; In just one day, lots of exhibitors came to our booth to observe and communicate. We will continue to provide customers with complete solutions with high-quality products and services to meet their actual needs.


05丨Last but not least

In this exhibition, BIO-DL took the exhibition platform as a bridge to show the company's popular products to new and old customers and discuss the development trend of the industry together. In the future, BIO-DL Corporation will continue to explore the market demand, deeply study and innovate, continue to provide customers with professional products and services, and look forward to meeting you next time!

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