Have Adonis 100-1000μl in hand, have security!
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Have Adonis 100-1000μl in hand, have security!

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Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the epidemic has rapidly entered a global pandemic and is still ravaging the world today, thus entering a normalized phase of epidemic prevention and control.

Combined with the analysis of sales data over the last year, high-throughput nucleic acid testing is one of the most important tools for efficient outbreak control. Mixed sample testing, high-throughput equipment, and rapid detection methods are particularly important at this moment, and the faster we can detect cases, the safer we will be.

At present, BIO-DL's brand high-throughput pipette - Adonis 100-1000μl eight-channel nucleic acid extraction special pipette has received a lot of attention, and has now entered the laboratories of many countries hospitals, playing a huge role as a part of high-throughput detection.

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