Multichannel pipettes to aid nucleic acid testing
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Multichannel pipettes to aid nucleic acid testing

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Multichannel pipettes occupy an important position.

Today, the COVID-19 epidemic remains severe, and the high demand for nucleic acid testing around the world has led to a shortage of nucleic acid testing staff in many laboratories.

With the heavy workload of nucleic acid testing today, improving efficiency has become an important indicator. Now we have multi-channel pipettes to help you quickly complete accurate testing, speed up experiments while also reducing the physical load on laboratory personnel, and is an important laboratory testing equipment today.

Bio-DL's multi-channel pipettes are here to help.

Bio-DL Genex/ Colour series pipettes, not only 8-channel, but also 12-channel pipettes, with ranges covering 0.5-10μl and 5-50μl commonly used in new crown assays, and moreover 100-1000μl large range 8-channel pipettes. Using imported materials, easy to press pressure and accurate pipetting performance, can meet a variety of experimental testing needs.

_0000_2-Multi Channel Adjustable Pipette_0001_1-Multi Channel Adjustable Pipette_0002_3-Multi Channel Adjustable Pipette

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