BIO-DL helped the first "Little Scientist" Competition to be a complete success
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BIO-DL helped the first "Little Scientist" Competition to be a complete success

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Every child is a natural scientist. They have unlimited creativity and their brains are wide open. In response to the nature of children, Guangzhou Instrument Industry Association and Guangzhou Haizhu District Gongxue Vocational Training School launched the first "Little scientists, big dreams to the future" laboratory basic instrument knowledge competition; BIO-DL provided human and material support for this knowledge competition, leading children to explore the unknown and infinite possibilities, and start the journey of discovery science.

01丨Pipette Operation Process


The BIO-DL technical support staff introduced the operation method of the pipette to the children


Children do scientific research with the help of Mini pipette(1)


Children do scientific research with the help of Mini pipette(2)

02丨BIO-DL pipette products


The BIO-DL Genex series pipettes, which were unveiled at the event, are powerful and adopt the classic design from Finland; the gun body is light and durable, and the pipetting is accurate; the operation is light and convenient, which can reduce hand fatigue; it covers a wide range of Measuring range(0.1μl-10000μl).


In the gift package for children, the Mini pipette brought by BIO-DL won the love of the children in the audience: with its small and exquisite appearance, simple and light use, it can satisfy children's transfer in small science experiments. Liquid demand, let little scientists put it down.

BIO-DL Mini pipette has a total length of 130mm and a weight of about 10g. It is easy to operate, easy to carry, and has a customizable range. It is especially suitable for supporting water quality monitoring kits, food monitoring kits and various home monitoring kits.


03丨wonderful moment

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04丨write at the end

While BIO-DL is committed to the research and development and production of laboratory equipment and consumables, it also pays attention to the growth of "young talents" who love science and have the courage to explore, combine scientific theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical teaching, and live in children's favorite way. Teaching is fun, stimulates interest in scientific exploration, and enhances scientific and technological innovation awareness and hands-on ability.

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