How To Handle Viscous Liquid
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How To Handle Viscous Liquid

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1.Partners who have done a lot of experiments may often encounter the problem that the liquid transfer operation is always inaccurate in the face of viscous liquids such as glycerin due to its poor fluidity.

2.In general, we recommend to reduce the speed of liquid transfer, including liquid suction and liquid discharge, so that the air pressure can be fully balanced to achieve the desired volume of liquid transfer.

3.Moistening the suction head can also make the inner wall of the suction head hang with viscous reagent in advance,which is equivalent to eliminating the wall hanging loss in advance, and can also improve the accuracy of liquid transfer.

4.In addition, we can also use the "reverse liquid transfer" operation, which is simply to say that when aspirating,you can directly press the second gear, and when discharging, you can only press the first gear, which can also improve the accuracy of viscous liquid transfer.

5.Of course, if conditions permit, we can also choose to use Stepper continuous dispenser for liquid transfer. Its external piston principle can well avoid the difficulty of viscous liquid transfer.

Reverse Pipetting

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