[Invitation] BIO-DL invites you to attend the fourth AVDC veterinary Exhibition
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[Invitation] BIO-DL invites you to attend the fourth AVDC veterinary Exhibition

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01丨Exhibition information

BIO-DL,Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Name:The 4th Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference and Asian Expo for Veterinary Medicines and Equipment

Exhibition Time:2023.03.29-2023.03.31

Exhibition Address :Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre

  The Veterinary Diagnosis Conference will continue to adhere to the tenet of "strong veterinary diagnosis to improve animal health and food safety", and will focus on inviting authoritative veterinary testing experts from Asian, American and European countries to give lectures, bringing global veterinary medicine to the participants. Advanced scientific solutions for the testing industry, sharing the latest international information and research results in the fields of diagnostic pathology, molecular diagnostics, virology/serology, validation of veterinary testing, rapid field testing, laboratory safety, microbiology, laboratory quality management,etc.This year's Veterinary Diagnosis Conference is expected to have more than 3,500 participants.

02丨Exhibition details

BI0-DL,exhibition booth

BI0-DL,exhibition booth

Our Stand:2099 2100

03丨Selected products


Genex Pipette

Classic design, lightweight, durable and precise;10μL the above specifications are equipped with replaceable hydrophobic filter elements to prevent internal pollution and damage of the pipette.


Colour Pipette

Different colors mark different ranges; High corrosion resistance and aging resistance material; Wide range (0.5ul-5000ul).

BIO-DL,e-HC Electronic Pipette Filler 

e-HC Electronic Pipette Filler

LCD touch screen; The suction speed can be adjusted steplessly; About 2000 times of pipetting can be performed continuously with one charge.


Pipette Tip

Clean and pollution-free, high-quality air tightness; Advanced technology, no bending deformation; Strong adaptability, suitable for multiple brands of pipettes.


K3 Plus Microplate Reader

7 Inch Touch screen; Excellent optical system; Extended memory assay protocol.


BIO-DL 32 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Double guide rail design; Dual interface debugging program; High throughput, high yield, UV disinfection and temperature control are more reassuring.

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